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Got Connected

Hello there!

My computer is still in crash mode but it's getting better. I have internet access through a recently purchased laptop, but it is soooo annoying to try and type on these teeney keys!

We are still cleaning out my big hard drive and fortunately we were able to save all of my images, which included over a thousand irreplaceable digital photographs, but I still do not have access to my photoshop program and we are having to run the main computer for a few days to make sure it is clean and doesn't crash again.

Once my computer is up and running again, I will get going on those hot little icons I promised. Feel free to browse around the old posts as all icons are still available from a year ago. You just might see something you missed or that you didn't need last year, but kinda need now.

Welcome to our new LJ friends and thank you for promoting this journal.
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